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Monroe Co. Property Assessment - Important Information

Many Monroe County homeowners have contacted our office after receiving their new property reassessment valuations in the mail.  I understand and appreciate the anger and fear that people are expressing in response to this situation.

This post contains valuable information about the steps property owners can take in response to this situation as well as the actions I am taking as your state representative.

First, it is important to understand this is a county issue.  The state government – and I, as your state representative – played no part in the reassessment.  However, I am working to address the larger issue of property tax replacement.  Information about those efforts is below.

Even though we played no part in creating this situation, my staff and I still want to help you, our constituents.  This post, therefore, contains some valuable information and action steps that can be taken by people concerned about this important issue.


This reassessment is being conducted by Monroe County, which contracted with Tyler Technologies to perform the work.  The process is aimed at restoring equity to property taxation since a property assessment has not been conducted in the county since approximately 30 years ago in 1989.  The reassessment is intended to ensure each property is taxed based on a current valuation, thereby establishing a more fair and equitable form of taxation.

When Reviewing Your Assessment

You should review the assessment you received and evaluate its accuracy.  If you feel the assessment does not represent the “market value” of your property, there are steps you can take to address the problem.

Challenging an Assessment

If your assessment does not accurately reflect the value of your property, you can schedule an informal review with Tyler Technologies to discuss any discrepancies.  This process is available until April 1.  To schedule an informal review, call 570-517-3895.

If, after attending an informal review with Tyler Technologies, you still are unsatisfied with your property assessment, you can file a formal appeal with the Monroe County Assessment Office.  The County Assessment Appeals Board handles formal appeals.  These appeals can be filed between July 1 and Aug. 9.

Informational Resources

The county’s website allows you to check your new property assessment value.  It also enables you to view the comparable properties that were considered when determining your property valuation.  To access this valuable information, simply follow the link below and select “Property Search.”

This website page obviously won’t answer all questions you may have about the reassessment process.  The county has established a page on its website that provides answers for some of the most commonly asked questions.  To view some of the most common questions and their answers, please click here.

The Pocono Record has been covering this issue and providing valuable information for readers in our county.  To access a recent newspaper article with more information about this important topic,
click here.

What I’m Doing

This reassessment is another example of the inherent problems with the entire property tax system.  That is something I am striving to address by working with my colleagues in the state Capitol to enact legislation that would remove and replace property taxes across the Commonwealth.  While I continue to fight that battle in Harrisburg, there is one way our office may be able to provide some immediate relief for property owners.

How Our Office Can Help

Do you qualify for a rebate of up to $650 through the state’s Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program?  This program is NOT the final answer for the property tax issue.  However, it does provide some relief as lawmakers work to address the larger issue.  The program provides qualified applicants with rebates of up to $650 on the property taxes or rent they paid in 2018.  Our office can help you fill out these applications.  For more information – including income qualification guidelines, access to applications and to check on the status of a rebate – visit the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue’s website.

If you would like help with the Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program application process, please call our district office by dialing 570-620-4341.  In an effort to protect your privacy, we do not handle constituent application information through Facebook.  Please call our office for help.

Please Help Share this Information

Please help your friends and neighbors by sharing this information with your Facebook followers.  We want to help as many people as we can.