Jun. 25, 2019

HARRISBURG – Rep. Jack Rader (R-Monroe) joined a bipartisan majority of his House colleagues in passing the 2019-20 state budget proposal today. House Bill 790 would increase education funding to historic levels while keeping spending growth in line with the rate of inflation and without raising taxes or fees for hard-working Pennsylvania residents.

Rader issued the following statement regarding the $33.9 billion spending plan:

“Education continues to be one of our top priorities and this budget raises funding to record levels for Pennsylvania’s public schools. In fact, this spending plan sets a new high of $12.8 billion for preK-12 education.

“There is an additional $160 million included for basic education, $50 million more for special education and a $25 million increase for early childhood education. There was also $25 million added to a program that allows for school choice. In addition, we’ve included $60 million to continue funding school safety grants for districts statewide.

“I am pleased the two school districts in the 176th Legislative District will receive additional state funding under this proposal. Pleasant Valley’s allocation is set at more than $40.9 million, which represents a 1.8% increase over the current year, while Pocono Mountain will receive more than $60.7 million, which is a 4.1% boost in state funding.

“This budget continues our work in recent years of keeping government spending under control and holding the line on taxes, which benefits the economy and helps to lower unemployment and grow wages. Because of our fiscal restraint, we are able to deposit about $300 million into the Rainy Day Fund to avoid future tax hikes.

“Other budget items of note include additional funding for mental health services, home care workers and nursing homes. The spending plan does not include the governor’s proposal to impose a fee on residents in municipalities that receive state police coverage.

“This budget is positive for Pennsylvania, but our work is not done. This fall will bring new legislative challenges and the hope for new opportunities for the 176th Legislative District.”

House Bill 790 now goes to the Senate for consideration.


To watch a video of Rader’s budget comments, click here

Representative Jack Rader
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Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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